Photographing Lanzarote

When most people think of Lanzarote they picture hardened volcanic rock, blackened earth and barren wasteland; all in all nothing that will excite an intrepid photography enthusiast… but that’s so far from the truth.

First of all the volcanic origins of Lanzarote provide a surreal and lunar-like landscape, ripe in photographic potential just waiting to be explored. Secondly the island hosts an array of individualistic villages, steeped in history and rich in vivid scenery, such as Tenesar on the North coast, known by the locals as the ‘lost village’ because of the eerie collection of fishermen’s houses abandoned there. Then there are the castles, a naturally formed marina, a ghostly shipwreck, lighthouses, vineyards, and so much more. Throw in the dramatic Atlantic coastline and towering cliffs of Famara and you have a recipe for the perfect picture whatever the weather. What’s more, Lanzarote’s accessibility, wonderful climate, and compact size makes it an ideal location to combine photography with a vacation, any time of year!

Photographing Lanzarote: An Insider’s Guide to Lanzarote’s Most Stunning Locations (£4.99)  is an inspirational, informative and interactive travel guide designed to lead you to all the secret shooting spots on the island. Built like an app it can be downloaded and used on your smartphone or smart device, and is regularly updated to keep it correct and current, at no extra expense to you. You’ll find stunning images and HD videos to whet your creative appetite, plus safety advice, interactive maps and directions on how to get there. You’ll even discover restaurant recommendations and compelling background information to set your shots in context.

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